Guerilla Magazine Issue #2



Guerilla is a mosaic of human experiences from around the world. The concept of Guerilla brings to mind the concept of the disenfranchised working together as one unit against stronger forces and corrupt establishments of power. The magazine of a mosaic of human experiences from around the world…

… And now Guerilla magazine has resurfaced from the mist for its Winter issue! This 48-page journey ventures to Cambodia for a personal story from journalist Bopha Phorn’s chronicling her family’s history set against the backdrop of a war torn country taken by the Khmer Rouge. She documents the tragic and triumphant journey of her mother, locked in a fight for survival. In Marc Rubendall’s Grit & Grind: A Story Of The Other 9-5, he takes you to gritty back alleys of Philadelphia for an intimate day in life of sex workers on the hustle. Unity: A False Sense Of Honor, is unique a first-hand glimpse into the life of a Malaysian high school student forced to reconcile with her country’s racism against Indians. We’ve also got Guerilla Recipes from the Cuban Revolution and even Guerilla Games such as “Guess The War Criminal”. Enjoy the mud-soaked rugged pages of Guerilla II, because the Guerilla won’t be back until March and we’re limited.